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career hunting

Building relationships with recruiters may expose you to career opportunities that you might not have learnt about otherwise.

Most employers don’t advertise the positions – they hire recruiters to help fill, which are typically a firm’s most senior and highest-paying. And search executives usually promote their services to employers, not job hunters.

Identifying and connecting with recruiters who specialise in your area of expertise can be very worthwhile — though candidates should remember that recruiters are paid by the employer, and will put that employer’s interests first. Such niche recruiters aren’t always easy to find, so job seekers might need to use creative tactics.

Start by tapping your own network. Many senior executives work with recruiters at some point in their careers as a candidate or even a client. Ask the most experienced professionals in your network to refer you to the recruiters they know.

Other sources are, people you know in your industry or at organisations that interest you. Find out which recruiting firms their employers use. Don’t be discouraged if the list you compile is short. In certain niche markets, there are recruiters who pretty much work with all big players, so you’ll typically hear the same name several times.

A good way to stay on a recruiter’s radar screen is to suggest names of prospects you know for jobs the recruiter is seeking to fill, but for which you don’t qualify. Be sure to offer quality referrals because inappropriate recommendations can reflect poorly on you.

You may also search for recruiters’ profiles online. Many recruiters have profiles on networking sites such as and To find them, do a keyword search or ask fellow members for referrals., for instance, carries approx. over 90,000 recruiter profiles and most list a speciality. It’s free to join and search the site, though other features require paid membership. To find recruiters’ profiles, click on the “advanced search” tool at the top of the home page for members. In the Industry category, select “corporate services,” then choose “staffing and recruiting.” Enter a keyword, such as a recruiter speciality you’re seeking, and then hit “search.”

Check trade or industry groups for referrals. Many recruiters belong to an association in their speciality. These groups may include a roster of members on their Web sites. If you join, you’ll likely have opportunities to network with recruiter members.

Call top employers in your industry. Dial the main number and request to be transferred to the human-resources department. Then ask the HR employee who answers which search firm the company uses. But this tactic is likely a shot in the dark, as the employee might only give the information if the company was working with a recruiting firm on a search at the time.

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