The Lonely life of the recruiter!



Recruiters are lonely people – well lonely might not be the right but they certainly don’t feel like they have a lot of friends!

Here is why


1)     HR managers and Talent recruitment teams hate to hear from Recruiters when we are trying to generate some business (cold calls, cold emails, warm calls, warm e-mails).  They make us feel like pestering sales people but infact we are not selling anything – its free to use us! We only get paid when we fill the position – which you needed filled so why the cold shoulder?  As the saying goes – Let me help you help me! 


2)     Candidates– unless it’s the one candidate that you get a role for! The rest are usual nice to you at the early stages! but as it develops, and they are still looking for work and you just don’t have the role eventually they start to turn on you and slowly but surely Recruiters start to get blamed for everything wrong in the job market and general everything in the whole universe.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is go on to Linkedin main page and see how many comments there are about someone hating recruiters!


3)     And then there is the ultimate mix of loneliness where the Recruiter gets slammed from both side. A Candidate doesn’t like the offer you got them so blames you and in turn the Client blames you for not getting the Candidate to sign. So once again the Recruiter gets blamed for everything and ends up as the loneliest person in the room.


In the end recruiters skin get so thick that nothing really surprises us any more and being lonely is just part of the job…… its just part of the recruitment game!   


Happy Recruiting to all the recruiters!!




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