What makes a great CV and Cover Letter?

CV and Cover

The article is aimed at providing you with some guidance on how to write and position a CV, covering letter and briefly touching on what should be considered as the key job search strategy for active job seekers, regardless of location.

Curriculum Vitae

To begin with, it is important to know that a CV is simply a marketing document. It’s also important to be aware that the average recruiter or a potential employer nowadays spends about 6-7 seconds on screening your CV, so in fact, they’re not reading them but rather skimming through it. Therefore, within that initial glance, they need to know how you could possibly add value.

A straightforward way to build and present your CV is first, decide on whether you wish to use one or two pages (recommend that you do not go beyond two pages).

Start with your name and contact information at the top then a summary, details about your professional background (similar to an elevator pitch). You may then choose to list your education or professional work experience (that very much depends upon what you feel is more marketable, whether that be your education or experience).

When writing about your current or previous job roles ‘in the experience section,’ avoid completing this area with mini job descriptions instead, use “accomplishment statements” to describe your experience. Below is a list of criteria’s;

  • Strong action verbs to demonstrate delivery
  • How did you make a difference i.e. did you increase anything, decrease, modify or even change?
  • Quantify information – try defining the results using numbers

Cover Letter

In terms of cover letters?

Yet again this is another marketing document, it should be one page and a highly-customized document. Cover letters are generally used to answer two questions;

  • Why you for that position
  • In that specific organisation


It goes without saying, you must have a powerful CV supported by a strong cover letter to rise above 100’s of other applicants however, it is also important to remember that the number one job search strategy is and has been “Networking.” You do not want to rely entirely on a reactive job search, just reacting to jobs that are posted on internet job boards. The major problem with that is, you don’t know them in the same way they don’t know you so, the odds of being called in are probably slim. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you implement networking enabling you to conduct a series of informational meetings so in fact, they are meeting you first and then your CV plays the role of being a placeholder and doesn’t need to weigh as much.

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