Why does everyone Hate Recruiters?

I hate you

Having been a recruiter now for the past four years I honestly feel sorry for myself and my recruiters at Dawaam and infact all recruiters globally.  We are just hated by everyone, well almost everyone, and if they dont hate us yet they blame us for everything before they start hating us! 

Below is a list of the most common reasons why we are hated!

Why Candidates hate us!

1)      We are sorry we dont have jobs for everyone we dont have every single job thats available in the market only the ones our select clients show us.

2)      We are sorry we cant get back to everyone that writes to us – I challenge anyone to reply to 500 e-mails daily from candidates all asking for point 1)

3)      We are sorry that the Client offered you less than the range they had mentioned and below what you are currently earning we want to you to get you as much as we can, our fee is higher that way, plus you will like us more!

4)      We are sorry the client hasnt got back to us after two weeks we are trying to get you feedback as well, dont blame us blame them. 

5)      We are sorry we didnt know that the bosses third cousin wont like you.

6)      We are sorry the job process has been put on Hold its frustrating for us to!  

Why Clients hate us!

1)      We are sorry we cant find the three-legged unicorn that has climbed Mount Everest for you we are trying even if we know it doesnt exit

2)      We are sorry the candidate did not turn up for an interview on time we offered to drive them ourselves!

3)      We are sorry the candidate took the offer letter else were and got a raise you do realise we are losing our fee as well.

4)      We are sorry that you had to fire the candidate after two months because they did not get along with your bosses third cousin.

5)      We are sorry that they got their Canadian landing card and left they didnt tell us about it, did they tell you?

What recruiters hate!

1)      That candidates think we have jobs for them all the time and is their right for us to get them a job Sorry guys I wish we had.

2)      When a random candidate gets your mobile number and Whatsapp you on the weekends and sends through an attachment of their CV yes, I am going to take you seriously now!

3)      That candidates dont think the interview with the recruiter is important enough to turn up on time yes sure I am going to put you forward for a role

4)      When a Client wants to cut your fees by 60% after you have done the work and pay you instalments Yes thanks sure we will do that infact we will do it for FREE!!!

5)      When a Client puts a job on hold after we have done all the work and even had interviews thanks we love working with you! Great now the candidate is going to hate us!

6)      When a Client does not give us detailed feedback on interview apart from a NO Thanks for that we made effort, the candidate made an effort and we got a NO a YES is fine!

Maybe this will give a little more insight into all sides of recruitment and hopefully both candidates and clients can alongside Dawaams team with nothing but love! (most of the time anyway)

 Remember Your Success is our Success!

 Please feel free to write your reasons below, would love to hear them. Please no individual names or companies highlighted! 

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